TDJ-5800P6A 5GHz Parabolic Antenna with ShieldTDJ-5800P6A5725-5850E:6 H:629Ver.or Hor.Ф600
TDJ-5800SPL9 5GHz Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5800SPL95725-5850E:6 H:430Ver.or Hor.600x900
TDJ-5800SPL6 5GHz Wifi Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5800SPL65725-5850E:9 H:627Ver.or Hor.400x600
TDJ-5800SPL4 5GHz Wifi Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5800SPL45725-5850E:12 H:924Ver.or Hor.300x400
TDJ-5800P12B 5GHz 34.5dBi Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5800P12B5725-5850E:3 H:334.5Ver.or Hor.Ф1200
TDJ-5800P9 5GHz 32.5dBi Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5800P95725-5850E:6 H:632.5Ver.or Hor.Φ900
TDJ-5800P9x2 5GHz 31dBi Dual Pol. Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5800P9x25725-5850E:4 H:431Ver.and Hor.900
TDJ-5800P6 5.8GHz 29dBi Dish AntennaTDJ-5800P65725-5850E:6 H:629Ver.and Hor.φ600
TDJ-5800P6x2 5GHz 27.5dBi Dual Pol. Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5800P6x25725-5850E:6 H:627.5Ver.and Hor.Ф600
TDJ-5500SPL9 5GHz 30dBi Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5500SPL95470-5725E:6 H:429.5Ver.or Hor.600x900
TDJ-5500SPL6 5GHz 26dBi Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5500SPL65470-5725E:9 H:626Ver.or Hor.400x600
TDJ-5500SPL4 5GHz 24dBi Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5500SPL45470-5725E:13 H:1023.5Ver.or Hor.300x400
TDJ-5500P12B 5GHz 34dBi High Gain Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5500P12B5470-5725E:3 H:334Ver.or Hor.Ф1200
TDJ-5500P9 5GHz 32dBi High Gain Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5500P95470-5725E:4 H:431.5Ver./Hor.Ф900
TDJ-5500P6 5GHz 29dBi High Gain Parabolic AntennaTDJ-5500P65470-5725E:6 H:628.5Ver.or Hor.Ф600
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