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Antenna Mounting Safety Tips

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Unless you hire someone to do the installation job for you, you will find that mounting a digital antenna is actually fairly easy. All antennas, assuming you purchased them brand new and from a reputable source, should come with a set of instructions and hopefully a diagram that you can refer to for proper installation instructions. Whether you are installing an indoor or an outdoor antenna, you will find that it will require just a little bit of your effort and time to get it up and running.

The easiest mounting job is setting up an indoor antenna. No additional hardware will most likely be required to install this device because it will come assembled in the package. The only thing you will have to do is unpack it, unfold your antenna, attach the cable to the back of your TV, adjust the antenna on your TV stand or entertainment system, and you should be good to go. You would only need to be concerned about your safety when plugging in the unit to the wall.

The hardest mounting job is setting up an outdoor antenna on your rooftop. Not only will you have to put together the pieces on your rooftop, but you will have to whip out some other tools as well. You will obviously need a ladder to get onto your roof, and you will need to wear clothing that is appropriate for the job. Wearing long pants and boots, make sure you step where the rafters are for the most support on the roof. You might need a hammer, a screwdriver, and perhaps a wrench. Each project will vary according to the needs of the antenna.

When installing your rooftop antenna, make sure that no parts are anywhere near any power lines. Whether it is the antenna's antlers, the mast, wires, or the tower, none of these parts can ever touch power lines. Sometimes your home's roof can be very close to power lines, and in this case, the only thing you can do is to install your antenna clear on the other side of the roof so that it is far away. If you choose to use a mast, make sure that the distance to the power lines is at least double the length of the tower. So if your tower is 30 feet high, make sure that it is at least 60 feet away from the power lines so that it does not hit the power lines if it should ever collapse.

It is highly recommended that you do not install your rooftop antenna by yourself. Call up a friend or relative or even ask your neighbor to help you out. Having two people working on the installation might seem like you have one person too many, but having that extra person could very well mean your life. In the event that you get electrocuted, he or she could help you by using a rope, stick, or some other non-conducive item to create separation between you and the electric source. Your helper could also tell you if you have positioned the antenna in the right direction, thus saving you the repeated trips to and from your rooftop and reducing your chances for injury.

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