Anti-counterfeiting Announcement

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Anti-counterfeiting Announcement:
Recently we found that there have many counterfeit antennas labeled Kenbotong brand in the market,therefore, we formally announce the following:
1. Antennas, only with special laser tag(showing in the picture) are genuine Kenbotong products.

2. As a processional antenna manufacturer experienced 17 years in this field, we would like to notice all the clients choose genuine Kenbotong 
antenna.  As for the counterfeit one, maybe the price is cheaper, however the quality is not reliable, will bring many 
problems for your system, which would result in bigger loss. 
We  also warn those competitors who have been counterfeiting KBT products , KBT will use all the essential means, including the legal means,to 
protect our brand. Kenbotong overseas exclusive distributor/agent(e.g. Parseh Negar Co. ) is authorized to act on behalf of Kenbotong communication to implement legal action.”

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